McDonald’s vs. McCurry

After an eight-year legal battle over trademark, a Malaysian court has ruled against McDonald’s and in favor of local Malaysian fast food chain McCurry, saying that McCurry may keep the “Mc” prefix in its name. In 2001, McDonald’s sued McCurry, which is short for “Malaysian Chicken Curry,” for trademark infringement. The Malaysian court decided this week that McDonald’s cannot claim an exclusive right to the “Mc” prefix in Malaysia. Upon hearing the news, A.M.S.P. Suppiah, the owner of McCurry, said: “We are very much relieved. We hope to expand. This is what we wanted to do from the beginning and we were stalled for eight years.” His wife added, “I am so happy...we have nothing in similarity with [McDonald’s] at all. That’s how we have felt all this while.” McCurry is most famous for its fish head curry.