McDonald's Customer Calls Cops After Finding Onions on His Big Mac

A McDonald’s customer in Manchester, England called police to gripe that there were onions on his Big Mac, according to local reports. Leslie McDonagh, 53, told emergency operators that he couldn’t eat the burger because of a “severe allergy,” and claimed he had been given the “wrong meal.” McDonagh also allegedly challenged the manager to a fist fight over the food dispute. Officers asked him to leave the restaurant, but he went to the ground and grabbed a cop’s leg as they tried to stand him up, officials said. McDonagh also spit in an officer’s face during the Dec. 21 incident, details of which are only now surfacing, officials said. The investigation also indicated that McDonagh had left a work event prior to going to the fast food restaurant. McDonagh, who admitted to drinking “six cans of lager” prior to the melee, was supposed to meet his wife for their anniversary. He decided to grab a bite on his way home, however. McDonagh admitted in court to assault, as well as drunk and disorderly conduct.