McCrory Under Pressure to Concede in NC

Two weeks after Election Day, Gov. Pat McCrory is refusing to concede North Carolina’s governor’s race, claiming massive voter fraud sabotaged his re-election bid—an allegation his rival, Democrat Roy Cooper, declared “irresponsible.” Officially, the race is still not over, as McCrory refuses to concede despite Cooper’s thin lead: Late Monday, unofficial results from the State Board of Elections put Cooper ahead of McCrory by about 6,500 votes. Cooper has already begun to compile a transition team and begin his work. But McCrory has claimed voter fraud in 50 of the state’s 100 counties, soliciting contributions for his campaign’s legal fund Sunday and notifying supporters that the “election is still in overtime.” Meanwhile, Democratic lawmakers held news conferences across the state to declare Cooper the winner, slamming McCrory for his “stubbornness” in refusing to concede. All 100 counties aren’t expected to finish their canvassing until early next week, leaving plenty of time for the two contenders to butt heads. Once the results are in, the loser has the right to seek a recount if the margin is 10,000 votes or less.