McConnell’s New Repeal-Only Health Care Plan Sinks

Just 14 hours after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced he would seek a clean repeal of the Affordable Care Act, three Republican senators have now come out against a procedural vote on the legislation, bringing the GOP below the 50-vote threshold required. Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski confirmed to The Daily Beast on Tuesday afternoon that she will vote against the motion to proceed on the bill, becoming the third Republican to do so. Earlier, two other moderate Republicans, Susan Collins of Maine and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, said they would also vote against the procedural motion, citing concerns over uncertainty in the private insurance markets. Despite not having enough support on the motion to proceed, McConnell said late Tuesday that the Senate will hold the vote “early next week ... at the request of the president and the vice president and after consulting with our members.”

—Andrew Desiderio