2008 Redux

McCain, Obama Feud Over Iran

It's McCain vs. Obama all over again, and pundits can't get enough. A vocal critic of Obama's Iran policy, McCain may have been a target when Obama accused his Iran policy detractors of partisan bickering, noting "only I'm the president of the United State." But the man who wishes he was president kept speaking out, and pulled his military trump card, citing "long years of experience on these issues." Time Magazine’s Joe Klein, who reported from Iran during the election, has now jumped into the fray. On Monday, when asked about McCain’s remarks, Klein said, "Be quiet. You don't need to do this. You know? You know what you're doing is a self-indulgent at this point. Sen. McCain, if he's going to talk about this, should also talk about the fact that the United States supported Saddam Hussein in the Iran/Iraq war for eight years. Every one of those protesters out in the streets, every last one of them believes the United States supplied Saddam Hussein with the poison gas that has debilitated tens of thousands of Iranian men."