Health-Care Feuds

McCain: Obama Didn't Negotiate

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) tore into President Obama for abandoning his campaign pledge to cut down on the bitter partisanship in Washington on Fox News Sunday. McCain said the environment in the capital is more toxic than under the Clinton administration. "At least under Hillarycare, they tried to seriously negotiate with Republicans," McCain said. "There has been no effort that I know of—of serious across-the-table negotiations—such as I have engaged in with other administrations. And that was the commitment that the president made." The senator did not say blame should be split between Obama and the GOP. McCain was also asked about Sarah Palin wearing a campaign visor while on vacation. Palin said she blacked out McCain’s name on the hat so she could travel incognito, and he didn’t seem to take it as a snub, brushing off the “cap flap” by saying, “She is going to be a force in the Republican Party for a long time.”