Above and Beyond

Mayor Donates Kidney

Sure, most politicians say they'd give you the shirt off their backs... but what about a kidney? Meet April Capone Almon, the mayor of East Haven, Connecticut, who gave her left kidney to Facebook friend and constituent, Carlos Sanchez, 44, who needed one after diabetes ravaged his own organs. Capone Almon read Sanchez's status update noting that his friends and relatives had been tested and no match had been found, and was the first one to respond. She got tested, and ended up a match. "I thought she was joking," Sanchez said, but she wasn't. Although she was running for a second term of office at the time, Capone Almon kept the medical plans a secret, although she joked that she figured that Sanchez voted for her. On April 8, the operation took place, and both are expected to make full recoveries.