Mayor Bloomberg Steals the Show

Mayor Bloomberg got the last laugh at Saturday night's Inner Circle 2011, a series of comedy skits poking fun at politicians and acted out by City Hall reporters. The theme of last night's show was "Meet the Focker-Uppers," pegged to the terrible third movie in Ben Stiller's Meet the Parents franchise, and to Mayor Bloomberg's screw-ups in the early days of his third term, including the Christmas blizzard and the appointment of controversial Schools Chancellor Cathie Black. Bloomberg showed off his sense of humor when he joined a Mamma Mia skit and sang to ABBA's "Dancing Queen," "Pay that fee, watch the screen...all in Mike's Machine." But his impersonations of Spider-Man were the highlights of the show. His entrance as Peter Parker was foiled due to "technical difficulties," and for the grand finale he disappeared into the rafters in Spidey's suit, saying the press has no right to know where he goes on the weekends.