Matt Drudge’s Race Baiting

Why is a minor story about a common occurrence—a student being beaten up on a school bus—being headlined as the top story of the day by Matt Drudge under the headline “White student beaten on school bus; crowd cheers”? It’s the second time this week that Drudge has transparently race-baited his audience: On Monday, Drudge juxtaposed an image of Barack Obama warning that “they can’t stop us” on health care with a picture of Serena Williams’ infamous threatening of a linesperson at the U.S. Open. Michelle Malkin has leaped on board, writing, “I wonder where President Obama will be.” Meanwhile, the police official who originally described the school-bus attack as “racially motivated” is backtracking, saying “after having reviewed the video, it doesn’t strike me nearly as racially motivated.”