Big Bust

Massive Sand Sculpture of Silvio Berlusconi Unveiled

The work behind the recently unveiled immense sand sculpture of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was likely no day at the beach. Kosovo-born artist Sislej Xhafa must have fetched copious pails of water to construct the politician’s granulated bust, which is currently on display at the Roda Sten gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden, where it will remain until April 18. “Disturbance prevails over laughing as the viewer realizes that they have been made to walk up to and pay tribute to the grotesque but all the same glorified representation of Berlusconi,” the gallery press release says of Xhafa’s work. Though the blurb goes on to refer to representation of the Prime Minister as a “thinking Buddha,” the sculpture’s stern countenance and lack of belly to rub seem a far cry from the good luck charm.