Mascots May Demand More in 2013

The New York Times takes a New Year’s Eve look back at 2012’s memorable sports moments and the year to come. Perhaps most interesting is the potential mascot lockout that could take place as the collective-bargaining agreement that currently exists between the four major American sports organizations and the Mascots and Oversized-animals Organization (yes, it’s a real thing and the acronym is M.O.O.) will expire at 11:59 p.m.on Jan. 21. The date may seem obscure but it’s actually a tribute to longtime mascot supporter George Orwell—who died on that day in 1950. If early talks—in which Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner had a tantrum over Mr. Met’s “perpetually snide” smile and the Phoenix Suns’ Gorilla did a double-flip on the conference table before throwing his agenda in the garbage and leaving the room—are any indication of how the coming contract negotiations will go, a dramatic mascot lockout may not be too far off.