Maryland City Experiences Extreme Flash Flood

A city in Maryland was inundated with massive flooding on Sunday due to a storm, causing serious damage that will likely cause the town to “rebuild much of its Main Street,” according to The Baltimore Sun. The National Weather Service called the flooding in Ellicott City “extremely dangerous and potentially catastrophic situation,” and advised residents to “move to higher ground immediately and stay away from anywhere where water is moving.” The Howard County fire and rescue confirmed that there were “multiple rescues in progress” and said that the situation “rivaling the flooding incident in 2016,” which killed two people and cost the city “tens of millions of dollars in damages.” Gov. Larry Hogan also declared “a state of emergency” in the city's county, The Washington Post reported. Residents said that the water “nearly reach[ed] the top of a stop sign” during the flash flooding. By Sunday night, officials claimed that the water was “receding” and “hundreds of rescuers” were going to the affected area. Surrounding cities in Maryland are also in danger, and a flash flood warning was issued to Baltimore for Monday morning.