Mary Cheney Pregnant Again

The Cheney clan has had a busy year: As the former veep's first daughter, Elizabeth, works on her new political career, second daughter Mary is expecting her second child, reports blog True/Slant. Mary confirmed that she and long-term partner Heather Poe will welcome a second child to their family in mid- to late-November. Their first child, son Samuel David Cheney, drew political controversy from both the left and right: While Democrats like John Edwards have long questioned how Dick Cheney could oppose gay marriage in light of his daughter's longstanding gay relationship and family, conservative Focus of the Family founder James Dobson marked Mary's first pregnancy with an opinion column for Time magazine entitled "Two Mommies Is One Too Many." True/Slant columnist Kate Klonick notes that Liz Cheney's defense last summer of the "birther" movement has thrown the Cheney family into the far-right's eye: "It's anyone's guess how Mary's burgeoning alternative family and Liz's burgeoning conservative political career will reconcile themselves in the coming years."