Martha Washington: Hot or Not?

It's never too late for a makeover. Historians and anthropologists are attempting to gussy up first First Lady Martha Washington by using age-regression technology to estimate what she looked like in her twenties, analyzing her letters to her husband, and displaying the va-va-voom purple high heels she wore on her wedding night. "We always see Martha with a withered face in her old age. But she was quite a beautiful woman in her younger years, and Washington loved her deeply," said Edward Lengel, senior editor at the Papers of George Washington project at the University of Virginia. Her dour reputation has persisted since George Washington's passionate letters to Sally Fairfax were discovered in 1958. Patricia Brady, historian and author of the first revisionist biography of Martha, told The Washington Post, "People are just starting to see her as a real person" and not the gray-haired, dumpy woman of the past.