Martha Stewart: 'I Plan to Be No. 1'

Martha Stewart may have been down, but she's far from out. "I was hurt, and I was sad, but I was never, never broken," Stewart tells Nightline in her first television interview since serving five months in prison for perjury and insider trading in 2004. Stewart's lifestyle business is at a crucial point of growth, reports ABC News, and after multimillion dollar losses during and since her stint in the big house, the famous homemaker is readying a bounce back, largely through the development of craft supplies, which she says are a $32 billion business. Always frank and success-driven, Stewart's in-depth interview covers everything from Rachael Ray, whom she dismisses as an "entertainer," to her defense of powerful women like Hillary Clinton (and herself, of course). "I don't think Hillary... is a broken woman, and I don't think I was a broken woman," Stewart said. "I did what I had to do. And came back right into a company that had not failed."