Martha Stewart Announces Reality Show

Word is Sarah Palin's pitching a docudrama about life in Alaska, and now Martha Stewart has announced an eight-episode reality-TV series called Help Me Martha! Martha's show would feature the ex-con and housemaking diva "solving life's most difficult challenges," from "last-minute parties" to "averting wedding disasters." It's not the first time producer Mark Burnett and Stewart have teamed up, but it might be one of the last: The Martha Stewart Show is headed to the Hallmark Channel, and their Apprentice: Martha Stewart collaboration was hardly a ratings star. As for Palin and Burnett, the two are attempting to sell a "Planet Earth-type look" at Alaska to anyone who will take it. The duo has been spotted leaving ABC, CBS, and Fox, and has plans to visit the embattled NBC. So far, no one is biting, but at least Palin is making the most of her trip. The former pol and now traveling TV fixture visited the set of American Idol and stopped by Jay Leno's newly rebooted Tonight Show.