Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘War’-Like Style Is Driving Top Executives Out: WSJ

In June, with Facebook under siege for its role in the Cambridge Analytica debacle, CEO Mark Zuckerberg gathered top executives in a previously unreported meeting to tell them that the company was at “war” and that he would change his leadership style accordingly, according to The Wall Street Journal. Zuckerberg’s shift to a more aggressive leadership style has led to “unprecedented turmoil” in the upper ranks of the tech giant, the Journal reports, and earlier this year, Zuckerberg even clashed with COO Sheryl Sandberg when he blamed her for the public outcry over Cambridge Analytica. In 2018 alone, the Journal reports, more than a dozen high-profile executives left the company, and partnerships with Instagram, WhatsApp, and OculusVR have soured. As the company weathers yet another public-relations nightmare—after The New York Times’ report Wednesday that the company hired an opposition research agency to undermine critics—Zuckerberg appears to be sticking with his “war”-like behavior; the Journal reports that during an internal meeting Friday, he reportedly labeled media coverage critical of the company as “bullshit.”