Black Woman Says Verizon Colleagues Left Noose Over Her Desk

A black woman who says she discovered a noose made of wires hanging over her desk is now suing her employer, Verizon, over claims that it didn’t take any action over her allegations. Marisa Powell, 30, alleges in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that she was stalked and harassed by a white colleague when she working at the company’s office in Morristown, New Jersey. At one point, Powell said she found a noose made of cable wires hanging from a support beam directly above her desk. “Defendants were fully aware of the fact that plaintiff is an African-American woman, the history of African-Americans and symbols such as nooses, and the harm that would come to the plaintiff by hanging this noose for her to see,” the lawsuit states. She says the harassment was reported to management several times but that no action was taken. Verizon spokesman David Weissmann said the company could not comment on the lawsuit but added: “Verizon does not tolerate harassment or discrimination... When discrimination or harassment comes to our attention, we investigate and take appropriate action.”