Mario Batali to Expose Family History

Ever wanted to know more about Mario Batali’s great-great-grandparents? Now you’ll get a chance. The new PBS show Faces of America, hosted by Harvard scholar Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., will investigate the family histories of famous Americans using genealogy and genetics, and will feature Molto Mario in the upcoming season, which begins Feb. 10. “Looking to the wider immigrant experience, Professor Gates unravels the American tapestry, following the threads of his guests’ lives back to their origins around the globe,” PBS said in a press release. “Along the way, the many stories he uncovers—of displacement and homecoming, of material success and dispossession, of assimilation and discrimination—illuminate the American experience.” In addition to Batali, the show will feature Stephen Colbert, director Mike Nichols, actress Eva Longoria, actress Meryl Streep, and figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi.