Marino Turns to Pizza

NFL legend Dan Marino has succeeded in football and the movies—and now he’s set his sights on restaurants. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, a Florida chain of pizzerias, will be opening in Las Vegas in the coming year, with funding from the former Miami Dolphins quarterback. “I’ve known Anthony for over 25 years,” Marino said. “He’s been a friend and we started a few pizza places a few years back and I’ve been involved with them as an investor and someone who’s kind of helped them along the way.” As thanks, the restaurant’s namesake has named a dish after Marino. “He has an eggplant dish there that I always used to order, so he just started calling it ‘Eggplant Marino,’” Marino explained. Marino’s pizza joint will join some of the country’s greatest chefs in Vegas, a place the former QB had never visited before he went to take a look at the new Anthony’s location there. “It’s beautiful here,” he said. “The whole place is really nice.”