Retro Glam

Marc Jacobs Brings Back '80s Opulence

Grace Jones, David' Bowie's Major Tom years...all buzz words flying around before and after the Marc Jacobs runway collection yesterday evening. Rumored to have said backstage that since he couldn't fix the economy, he might as well have a good time, Jacobs injected his collection with a volt of neon hues, super-short shapes, and towering shoulder pads. reports first impressions about town: New York Magazine may not have been enraptured, but allowed that "he did make the eighties fresh... It'll do while we wait for the good times again." The New York Times called it "bad-girl, wet-dream vividness" and saw references to early-career Jacobs; the Wall Street Journal noted that as leader the pack in New York fashion, the show demonstrated a certain non-practicality in the face of recession; and the Associated Press picked up on the bright satins and spiky silhouettes.