Man's Clothing Bursts Into Flames After Security Guard Uses ‘Taser-Style’ Device: Report

A man’s clothes apparently erupted into flames in Philadelphia early Saturday after a security guard used a “Taser-style” device on him, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. A video of the incident, which took place near a steakhouse, was recorded and posted on Twitter by a user who calls himself Pat Tackney. “So I witnessed a man catch on fire after being tased last night... #JimsSteaks #SouthSt,” Tackney tweeted. In the recording, the still-unidentified man apparently grapples with one security agent. A second security guard fires the stun-device at him, and the man falls. His clothing bursts into flames, which seemingly go out on their own after a few seconds. The newspaper, citing a 2017 Associated Press report, notes that while rare, a minimum of 15 people have caught fire after being struck by a Taser. Five of these people died, per the AP. Taser's parent company says that these fires have taken place when the devices have been used around flammable materials.