Man Loses Life Savings at Carnival

Sadly, this story is not from The Onion. A New Hampshire man is calling foul after he blew $2,600—reportedly his life savings—on a carnival game. Determined to win an Xbox Kinect for his kids, Henry Gribbohm, 30, got carried away playing “Tubs of Fun” at a New Hampshire–based fair, where he emptied his bank account and walked away with nothing but a giant stuffed banana with dreadlocks. “They explained to me I was going to get all my money back,” Gribbohm told local reporters. “I was going to get an Xbox Kinect … They lied to me.” Gribbohm has since filed a police report for fraud. “For once in my life I happened to become that sucker,” he said. Apparently, he didn’t get the memo that carny games were created for suckers like him.