Man Dies After Shark Attack in Tasmania

A woman in her early twenties watched her father get fatally mauled by a shark on Friday, after the two went scallop fishing off the east coast of Tasmania. The man, who was 46, is believed to have been mauled by a great white shark just after 7 a.m. local time. According to Tasmania Police Inspector David Wiss, both father and daughter “collected a number of scallops, [then] the daughter returned to the boat and the father returned to get some more scallops. He did not return to the surface, his daughter became worried and went down and checked on the father.” The woman then dived under to check on her father and saw him being attacked by a shark. She set off a flare and made an emergency phone call. “She’s deeply traumatized, the wife of the deceased male is deeply traumatized as well,” Wiss said.