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Maggie Gyllenhaal's All Grown Up

Maggie Gyllenhaal has the perfect resume of a twenty-something indie actress. Her role in 2002’s black farce Secretary and Charlie Kaufman’s Adaptation cemented her in the quirky girlfriend role that seemed to fit her well. But as her latest film, the Dave Eggers-penned, Sam Mendes-directed Away We Go, hits theaters, the buzz-worthy actress told The Daily Beast’s Rachel Syme, “I’m 31 now, and I’m so glad to be a woman, to be a mother, to finally be old enough to play some of the really interesting parts that are out there.” Instead, Gyllenhaal is moving toward playing the real heroines in life, the strong—and gracefully mature—women that ultimately lead by example. “Now, I make movies because I want people to see them and be moved by them,” she explains.