Madoff a Monster from Birth?

The writing was on the wall, it seems, for Bernie Madoff: He's been a "liar and a cheat from the day (he) was born," the New York Post writes, according to a soon-to-be-released book by celebrity biographer Jerry Oppenheimer, Madoff with Money. "Bernie showed his con-man colors as early as high school, when he held an English class enthralled with an oral book report—one that he made up on the spot out of whole cloth," Oppenheimer told the paper. Other juicy tidbits? Madoff was a "serial Casanova," forced to pay hush money to at least one female employee, and one of Madoff's early Wall Street mentors was reportedly tied to the Chicago mob. Also, the book will likely end on a cliffhanger: Oppenheimer says the case is far from over, as "the Russian mob, the Israeli mob and people in high and powerful places" are being investigated.