Mad Scientist Tries Human Cloning

In one of the creepiest stories in recent memory, a mad scientist named Panayiotis Zavos has been filmed creating 11 cloned embryos and then implanting them in four women. None of the embryos led to a viable pregnancy, but the doctor has said this is only the first step, and a human clone is right around the corner. In a possibly even more disturbing revelation, the doc revealed he produced three cloned embryos of dead people, made from cells turned over to him by grieving families. One of the clones was of a 10-year-old child who was killed in a car crash. He then fused the cells with eggs taken from cows to “create a human-animal hybrid ‘model’” that would allow him to study the cloning procedure. The doctor said he had no intention of actually going through with the cloning process of these hybrids. That’s comforting.