Mad Men Season 4 Premieres

Mad Men is back: Season Four premiered on Sunday night. The new season kicks off one year after where the previous one ended, with the employees of the new advertising firm Sterling Cooper Draper Price ensconced in a new office in the Time Life building. The episode was about the fallout from a disastrous interview Don Draper gives to AdvertisingAge, and his more broad struggles in the wake of his divorce from Betty. New York Magazine writes, “At the office, he looks the part, talking the talk — but he's not really getting new accounts. Being the face of the company adds new responsibilities. And as you may recall from last season, Bert Cooper wondered if Don had 'the stomach for the realities' of starting his own business. It seems like Don, despite his radical rhetoric, is still playing things "safe and comfortable" at the episode's outset, without the nerve to get "risky and rich." By the end, it seems like he's got nothing left to lose—and that could make him dangerous.”