Mad World

Mad Men Fans: Who Is Dr. Lyle Evans?

When Roger Sterling, one of the characters on Sunday night’s fifth episode of Mad Men, ranted against the addition of Honda as a client and asked why the company didn’t just ask “Dr. Lyle Evans” in as a consultant, his younger associate Pete Campbell asked, “Who the hell is Lyle Evans?” Campbell was not alone: Google searches spiked for “Dr. Lyle Evans” Sunday night, especially after another character answered Campbell by saying, “I have no idea.” A slight hiccup: there is no Dr. Lyle Evans, at least not the references the characters were making. The mention of Evans was a ruse, designed by writers to poke fun at all the people who immediately search all details of the show. In the past, Mad Men has found other unconventional ways to advertise, especially given the show’s fanatical base and social media connections. As for Lyle Evans, a few hits show up about a Depression-era librarian, which hardly seems likely as the source of Sterling’s rant as he did not want to do business with the Japanese, his enemy in World War II.