Louisiana Man Shot Wife, Killed Man After Mom’s Overdose: Police

A Slidell, Louisiana, man shot his wife, carjacked and killed a man, then attempted to rob an acquaintance before he was found dead late last week, police announced Thursday. Joshua Cox, 29, was reportedly upset over his mother’s fatal overdose, and asked his wife to drive him to the hospital to see her on Nov. 8. The couple reportedly got into a fight, and Cox allegedly shot his wife in the chest. He reportedly left his wife at the hospital, then tried to carjack 38-year-old Christopher Evans, so he could flee in his vehicle, police said. At some point, Cox shot Evans and took his Chevy Tahoe—with Evans’ body stowed inside, according to authorities.

Hours later, police found Cox in an apartment with a “gunshot wound to the abdomen.” He died of his injuries the next day. Police believe 26-year-old Jamile Robinson shot Cox in self-defense after Cox attempted to rob and possibly kill him. Robinson was not busted for the shooting, but was reportedly arrested for “possession with intent to distribute cocaine and marijuana, being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and a probation violation.” Police Chief Randy Fandal told reporters the violence “isn’t the norm” for the area, and claimed that Cox was “under the influence of drug use.” “This is a very unfortunate series of events that resulted in three people losing their lives,” Fandal said. “The common denominator in this... is narcotics. All of this started over drugs, which led to bad, irrational decisions being made by Cox.”