Louisiana Floods: Worst U.S. Disaster Since Sandy

The death toll from Louisiana’s flooding has risen to 11, as thousands of volunteers are rushing to assist the state stricken by what American Red Cross officials called the U.S.’s worst national disaster since Superstorm Sandy. More than 40,000 homes have been hit by the water, and 30,000 people been rescued. Nearly 8,000 people still remain in emergency shelters, as rain continued to fall Tuesday. According to the National Weather Service, most of the state has seen at least 12 inches of rain since Friday, and some areas have received as much as 30 inches. Brad Kieserman, the Red Cross’s vice president of disaster services, said Tuesday that the relief operation had cost at least $30 million so far, but is expected to “grow as we learn more about the scope and magnitude of the devastation.”