Lou Dobbs: I’ve Been Targeted by Gunfire

Speaking on his radio show, CNN’s Lou Dobbs claimed that gunshots had been fired at his wife, his house, his driver, and himself, thanks to "unrelenting... propaganda" from his critics who object to his views on immigration. Saying that the shots, which he asserts came three weeks ago, are part of a "battle for the soul of this country," Dobbs lashed out at his critics for having "created an atmosphere" that puts him and his family in danger. "I'm not in the mood to put up with little fools like Geraldo Rivera," said Dobbs, referring to the TV host who took on Dobbs in a speech last week. "It's become part of a way of life—the anger, the hate, the vitriol," Dobbs declared, "but it's taken a different tone where they've threatened my wife." Dobbs told his listeners that "an investigation continues."