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Lost Hemingway Cache Goes Online

When Ernest Hemingway committed suicide in Sun Valley in 1961, his widow left his home Finca Vigia in Cuba to the communist government to meet the wishes laid down in his will. On Monday, 3,000 letters and other lost texts will be posted online, including unpublished work written in code about the hunt for German U-boats off the Cuban coast during World War II. The collection includes an epilogue of For Whom the Bell Tolls and a screenplay for The Old Man and the Sea. “This is an exquisite selection,” reports Inaurys Portuondo of the Hemingway Museum. “There are no unedited literary [works], at least as far as we know, but we know that specialists might be able to come up with new theories after consulting the archive.” Next month, the lost documents will be transferred to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston. “Hemingway was one of the major writers of the 20th century, so almost anything is of interest,” said American literature expert James Campbell.