Lost Finale Answers Few Questions

Six long seasons for this? Lost ended with a two-and-a-half-hour finale on Sunday night, and (spoiler alert!) Mike Hale writes at ArtsBeat that "you have to think that the gauzy, vaguely religious, more than a little mawkish ending of 'Lost' – 'Touched by a Desmond' — will not sit well with a lot of the show’s fans." So what exactly happened? Gawker’s Max Read summarizes, “What we got instead was another two hours of running around the goddamn island with everyone having feelings and stuff—which wasn't even that bad, honestly!—and then, and I have to type this in caps because it's the only way to really let my rage out, IT TURNED OUT THAT THEY HAD ALL DIED. All of them! And not even all together, simultaneously, in some awesome disaster/explosion. They had all died, at various times, throughout history. … And then they, like, remembered that they were dead, in this terrible, unfortunate excuse for Heaven they had created, and the Church went to white, and Jack was lying there, dying, with the dog.”