Lorde Called ‘Anti-Semite’ in Full-Page Newspaper Ad

Singer Lorde was labeled an “anti-Semite” and a “bigot” in a full-page advertisement in The Washington Post after pulling out of a planned gig in Tel Aviv. U.S. celebrity rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s organization This World: The Values Network took out the ad, which features a large photo of the New Zealand singer and the caption, “21 is young to become a bigot.” The ad goes on to accuse Lorde of taking part in a “global anti-Semitic boycott of Israel.” “Let’s boycott the boycotters and tell Lorde and her fellow bigots that Jew-hatred has no place in the twenty-first century,” the ad urges readers. Last month, Lorde announced the cancellation of an upcoming show in Tel Aviv after criticism from groups who said the show would be a sign of support for Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory.