Seen This?

London Mayor Loses It

One way never to get bored of the news: Stick to an all Boris Johnson diet. The blond-mopped London mayor’s op-eds in The Daily Telegraph and elsewhere, and generally any old story about him, are better than most of what’s out there. And today’s profile of him the Daily Mail is no exception—he greets the reporter with “welcome to my kingdom” and his quotes just get better. His PR and communications people can’t help as Bojo “scratches his head and bumbles” when asked about his prime ministerial ambitions before he replies: “At the moment I am like some underwater sea creature, a gigantic coelenterate, sucking everything in, and later on I am going to start expelling.” And that’s before he calls himself a “Tory pirate who’s captured Labour’s vital vessel” and blushingly stammers he’s “no sex god.”