Lindsey Graham: Trump Calls Himself a ‘Genius’ Because ‘Nobody Else Will’

Asked to weigh in on President Donald Trump’s “very stable genius” tweet during an appearance on The View Monday morning, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joked, “If he doesn’t call himself a genius, nobody else will.” Graham, who has been cozying up to the president of late, acknowledged the reversal that has occurred since the 2016 campaign when he called Trump a “xenophobic, race-baiting, religious bigot” and still got “beat like a drum” by the man who now sits in the Oval Office. “In my view, he is my president and he’s doing a really good job on multiple fronts,” the senator added, explaining that he does not believe Trump is a “xenophobic, race-baiting, religious bigot as president.” The president has been actively defending his own mental stability following the release of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, which paints a damning picture to the contrary.