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Lindsay Lohan’s Turbulent 911 Call Released

A chaotic, six-minute 911 call involving beleaguered starlet Lindsay Lohan and Betty Ford worker Dawn Holland, who almost sued the actress over the incident, has been released by TMZ. The exchange started with a heated argument between Lohan and Holland over control of the phone at the Palm Springs rehab center, followed by Holland telling dispatchers "I have a problem because Lindsay Lohan pushed me and hit me with the phone while I was trying to talk to you.” The incident reportedly occurred because Holland caught three women attempting to sneak off the premises without permission, with two of them reeking of booze. When two of the women, Lohan included, refused breathalyzer tests, Holland reportedly called the dispatcher. At one point in the call, Lohan claims Holland is “freaking me out,” and that she’s never seen her before. Holland then returns to the line, saying, “Lindsay, you need to pack your shit. Cause now I’m getting ready to file charges on you.” Lohan replied, “What, you want money?” Holland answered she didn’t just that she wanted to be treated with respect. An investigation was launched into the incident as Lohan was cleared of any wrongdoing Tuesday, while Holland was fired soon after for delivering an on-camera interview to TMZ.