Lindsay Lohan Vanity Fair Cover: On Drugs, Jail, Money, Sexism

Lindsay Lohan admits she was “irresponsible” during her party days that landed her in jail this summer, but that she was “experimenting” just like many other college-aged kids, and, more important, she wants her career back, in a new interview with Vanity Fair. And she was a teenager with too much cash: "I didn't have any structure… I think a lot of it was because when I was doing my first slew of movies, it was very go-go, and I had a lot of responsibility, and I think just the second I didn't have [structure] anymore—I was 18, 19—with a ton of money.” But Lohan decries Hollywood sexism, saying male stars are allowed to party but keep their gigs. The actress also tears into her dad, calling him chemically imbalanced. "I want my career back," said Lohan, who spent 13 days in jail for violating parole relating to a 2007 DUI. "I know that I'm a damn good actress, and it's been my passion since I was a child, and I know that when I care about something, I put 100 percent and more into it." A movie publicist, though, calls Lohan “Hollywood kryptonite.”