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Lindsay Lohan Out of Jail: Offered $1 Million From OK For Interview

With her once burgeoning career now floundering as she attempts to right her wrongs in rehab, Lindsay Lohan will reportedly be making money another way. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the 24-year-old actress could allegedly earn $1 million from OK! magazine for her first interview after her release from rehab, where she’s been since her 14-day stint in jail. Lohan will earn even more money from her follow-up stories about what life was like behind bars, and her fee for event appearances will be between $25,000 and $100,000, THR predicts. The fallen star’s close friends and family, whom she’s been texting from rehab, say she is determined to stay clean and come back on top professionally. Up next for Lohan in terms of movies are Robert Rodriguez’ gory homage to grindhouse, Machete, which comes out in September, followed by a bit part in the re-release of Vince “ShamWow!” Offer’s 1999 flick, The Underground Comedy Movie, which includes footage of Lohan as Marilyn Monroe shooting at paparazzi with pistols. After that, she’ll take on the lead role of Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace in the porn star’s biopic, Inferno. The Hollywood Reporter doubts Lohan will be able to build up her résumé again, considering the possible “follow-up treatment” the prosecutor in her case mentioned and the cost producers would have to endure to insure her (estimated at 3% of a film’s budget).