Lindsay Lohan Faces Investigation for Criminal Battery Charges at Rehab

Though Lindsay Lohan seemed to be bettering herself in rehab, reports are now surfacing that the actress is under investigation for battery after an allegedly heated exchange with an employee at the Betty Ford Center. Just two weeks before she is scheduled to finish treatment, the staffer reportedly involved in the altercation says she plans to take Lohan to court, according to TMZ. Lohan and the woman reportedly got into a “hand-to-hand” fight when the staffer asked the starlet to submit to a drug and alcohol test after she’d been out at a bar, according to a Palm Desert Police Department spokesperson. Police are investigating the situation as a misdemeanor, but the district attorney has yet to decide if they will press charges, according to Entertainment Weekly. A judge for the Los Angeles Superior Court previously told Lohan that she could be sent back to jail for another six months if she faces any other charges while on probation. Lohan’s lawyer was unavailable for comment when EW reached out.