One Bad Day

Lindsay Lohan Escapes Arrest

Lindsay Lohan has kept the folks at TMZ busy today. The day started as Lindsay’s mother claimed that the actress, who was in Cannes, received a new passport (Lindsay was claiming that her father had stolen her original passport)—30 minutes before she was due in court in Beverly Hills. Of course there was no way she would make it, so Lohan delayed her flight to the next morning. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection then said that she would be stopped at Customs, and the court Lohan was supposed to appear at would be notified of her detainment. Judge Marsha Revel then officially announced a bench warrant for her arrest, with the conditions that she could remain free if she posted $100,000 bail, wears an blood-alcohol content monitor, drinks no alcohol, and submits to a random drug test at least once a week. The French police in Cannes then told TMZ that Lohan never reported her “stolen” passports, in contradiction to what her attorney said in court. Jail time is now an option, but most agree that it’s unlikely in a misdemeanor case with a defendant of such a high profile.