Libya Rebels in Control of Gaddafi Compound

In a radio address late Tuesday, Muammar Gaddafi said that leaving his Bab al-Aziziya lair was a “tactical move.” The compound was pummeled by 64 NATO airstrikes. Earlier, the rebels cried "It's over!" in celebration as they overran Gaddafi’s Tripoli compound, though there was no sign of the ruler or his sons. Libyan Deputy U.N. Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi, a key figure in the opposition movement, told reporters at the U.N. mission in New York that he will discuss the indictment of Gaddafi with the International Criminal Court; rebels would like to try Gaddafi as a war criminal in Libya. The head of the Russian Chess Federation, a longtime friend of Gaddafi’s, says the ruler called him to say he was still in Tripoli. Gaddafi’s former right-hand man, Abdel-Salam Jalloud, speculated that Gaddafi was on the outskirts of Tripoli, hiding in private homes and small hotels. Pro-Gaddafi forces reportedly hit the town of Ajelat with missles as tanks rolled in early Wednesday, and witnesses said Tripoli was also hit with grad missles.