Libya: Gaddafi Killer May Face Prosecution

After a week of criticism and video evidence, the ruling government of Libya, the National Transitional Council, said Thursday they no longer insist Muammar Gaddafi died in a gun battle. The chief of the council, Abdel Hafiz Ghoga, even said that “whoever is responsible for that [Gaddafi's killing] will be judged and given a fair trial." But talk of an investigation is raising tensions between Misrata, where the rebels who captured Gaddafi are based, and Benghazi, where the NTC is based. The identity of the man who shot Gaddafi in the head after his capture is widely known in Misrata and there is little sympathy about his death. "They won't come near us," said the man who pulled Gaddafi from a drain, speaking of the NTC. "They won't dare.”