Library Honoring Michelle Obama Vandalized With Trump’s Name

A “Little Free Library” honoring former First Lady Michelle Obama has been repeatedly vandalized—most recently tagged with President Trump’s name, The Washington Post reports. Maureen Dolan-Galaviz installed the library, which offers passersby free books, outside her home some eight blocks from the White House shortly after Trump’s January 2017. The library—which features a plaque stating ““In Honor of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. Lawyer, writer, and First Lady of the United States”—became the target of “attacks” in Spring 2018. Vandals smashed the tiny glass window, ripped off the plaque, took down the replacement plaque and in early November, scrawled “Trump” over Obama’s name. “Who would do that?” Dolan-Galaviz, told the newspaper.  “If there is one thing that should be off limits it’s the idea that we all deserve access to books.” Police haven’t received any reports about the vandalism. Some area residents worry the incidents are motivated by racism against the first African-American President and First Lady. Others believe the attacker is simply unhinged.