Libertarian VP Nominee Bill Weld: FBI Director Comey’s Letter ‘Disgraceful’

During a Monday morning appearance on CNN’s New Day, Libertarian vice-presidential candidate Bill Weld called FBI Director James Comey’s decision to send letter to Congress about Hillary Clinton’s emails “disgraceful” and said the agency has gone “off the reservation” in its apparent persecution of the Democratic nominee. “There’s no way for Mrs. Clinton to know what the evidentiary basis is on which they made this update to their investigation, and they’ve said themselves they don’t know it, so that just makes it all the more unreasonable to have waded into these waters in the first place,” Weld, who has previously stated that he's not sure anyone is more “qualified” to be president than Clinton, despite the fact that he is Gary Johnson's running mate. “If you don’t know, keep your mouth shut,” he advised Comey. “Don’t speculate.”