Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson: Actually, I Wouldn't Ban the Burqa

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson officially rescinded a statement that, as president, he would sign a law banning the wearing of burqas in America.

In a Wednesday interview with Reason, the newly minted candidate said that sharia law is one of his greatest concerns, and said that he would ban the Muslim head garb. However, on Thursday, the former governor of New Mexico recanted.

"I would not sign that legislation because I think that it would end up being government intrusion on you or I," Johnson told The Daily Beast.

The 2012 Libertarian nominee pointed to how France and Belgium already have bans on the burqa and critics of the policy allege that it has resulted in police overreach. Johnson added that such a law could be interpreted by government to infringe on individuals' ability to wear face-covering garments that aren't religious in nature.

"My mistake," Johnson said. "But I still have concerns about sharia."

—Andrew Kirell