Liberian Schools Reopen Post-Ebola

Schools reopened in Liberia on Monday after they had been closed for six months due to the Ebola outbreak that ravaged the West African country. While a significant victory in the public health battle against Ebola, Liberia is on heightened alert to prevent future outbreaks. Schools were still cautious and forced students to get their temperatures taken before they were allowed to enter. Over 5,000 kits equipped with thermometers and chlorine for disinfecting hands were distributed, according to Remses Kumbuyah, the deputy education minister. In addition, Kumbuyah said the government is “asking all the school administrators to ensure that a classroom should not have more than 45 or 50 students” due to concerns that overcrowding could help the spread the lethal virus, which has killed more than 3,800 people in the country.