Liberal Gov’t Sweeps Out Conservative PM in Canada

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party put an end to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s nine-year reign, in a rout led by the 43-year-old son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. According to Canadian Broadcasting Corp. figures, the Liberals won 184 of 338 seats in the House of Commons—a turnaround from the 2011 election, when the party held just 36. “Sunny ways, my friends, sunny ways, this is what positive politics can do,” Trudeau told supporters, following an election season that included ugly anti-Muslim and immigration rhetoric. He would become the second youngest prime minister in Canadian history. The former schoolteacher has promised to raise taxes on the rich as well as run deficits for three years to boost government spending. Harper, whose party won 99 seats, said he would step down as Conservative Party leader after accepting defeat.