Liam Neeson Cut from 'Hangover' Sequel

This could be a case of schadenfreude. After rumors of a Bill Clinton cameo in the highly anticipated film sequel The Hangover Part II proved false, now comes word that Liam Neeson’s cameo as a Bangkok tattoo artist in the film has been cut, according to Variety. While editing the film, director Todd Phillips said he chose to drop the scene immediately following Neeson’s cameo, meaning it had to be re-shot. Unfortunately, Neeson was busy filming the sequel to Clash of the Titans in London, and wasn’t available. So, Phillips enlisted Nick Cassavetes—the son of cult film director John Cassavetes, and an accomplished director himself--to fill in as the tattoo artist. The role was originally supposed to be played by Mel Gibson, until much of the cast allegedly voiced their disapproval, and Gibson was nixed.